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Give your skin what it wants and what it needs! Check out these 5 Vitamins to improve your skin health

1. Vitamin K

Heal your wounds and bruises with Vitamin K. If you want to get rid of your scrapes and cuts, you must do as your parents taught you and eat your veggies. Vitamin K can be found in green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach and collards.

2. Vitamin D

**sings "I got Sunshineee, on a cloudy day!" Vitamin D is the sun's gift to [wo]man. Known to fight infections and acne, Vitamin D can also be found in mushrooms and orange juice.

3. Vitamin E

This one is a personal fav! Vitamin E is soothing, protects your skin from free radical damage and is known to fight acne. You'll find this vitamin in crunchy yummy foods such as sunflower seeds, almonds and hazelnuts.

4. Vitamin C

C is for collagen. Vitamin C pumps up the collagen to keep your skin firm and looking young! When applied topically, Vitamin C can reverse signs of hyperpigmentation. Citrus foods and strawberries are packed with Vitamin C!

5. Vitamin A 

Vitamin A gets an A+ for preventing and treating wrinkles. Found in sweet potatoes, mangos, carrots, oh my, this antioxidant is just what the doctor ordered. 


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